Twisted Origins

“Twisted Trails” is a short story collection that contains a lot of humor and a good supply of scraped up knees. The stories are all of high quality, and are the types of things that anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle will be able to identify with. -

Mountain biking is more than just climbing on some knobby tires and rolling around the woods. It is a perfect storm of exercise, nature, community, suffering, balance, determination, zen and glory. It deserves nothing less than to be captured in the everlasting prose of literature. 

Twisted Trails is a collection of short stories about mountain biking and the people who enjoy it. It includes the disciplines of cross country, downhill and freeride. They take place in real locations from Mount Snow to Alafia State Park, from Colorado to New Hampshire. The stories explore the reasons why we ride, race and love our bikes so damn much. 

The First Ever Mountain Bike book
to win a Literary Award!

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