Suck on This

Yes, I wrote a bunch of books based on my real life experiences.
No, I don't care what you think about them or myself.
If you insist on digging for the details, here they are.

Twisted Trails: Award winning stories about the joy of cycling. This is his most successful title due to the love shared by mountain bikers around the world. Better yet, it costs only .99 cents on Kindle.

Twisted Trails: Least of the Beast: The future of mountain biking is a crazy place full of tiny engines and paths that cross the country. Read about it for the discount rate of .99 cents on Kindle.

Purple State: Do you love political conspiracies? Two real life elections in Florida were the inspiration for this tale of murder, cover-ups and election fraud. Again for only .99 cents on Kindle.

Virgin Gloves: Way ahead of its time, this was the FIRST EVER novel that mixed LGBTQ issues with the sport of prize fighting. Many new and used copies are available.

Backyard Empire: The FIRST and perhaps only novel about the obscure sport of backyard wrestling. This tale was inspired by true events. A wrestling fan's delight.

Before they were HAWKS: High school in the 1980's was all about survival. This fast moving tale follows a group of kids fighting back against bullies. New and used copies are available.

Almost Columbine: When a high school student is pushed to the edge he prepares to take revenge on his tormentors. Will his friends help or hinder the plot? This 350 page novel is ready for purchase.

Anarchy Bell: This sexy mix of dark ambition, cynicism and politics is a rarity in the world of poetry. Prepare to feel the pain bleeding off these pages. Only .99 cents on Kindle.

These books are available worldwide, not that it matters.


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