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The SCORR Website is Up and Running

The Sarasota County Off Road Riders have been leading rides, building trails and hosting races for the past three years but now they are legit, online that is. In addition to their Facebook Page, you can get ample information about them on their New Website! The website displays photo galleries from their many events which include pub rides, night riding and the 3rd Annual Piggy's Revenge Off Road Challenge. There are also links to area bike shops, bike clubs and contact information. Plus music videos!
If you have ever wondered about the joy of mountain biking or if you are traveling to Sarasota County, this site is an easy jumping off point for exploring new trails or trying a new hobby. Exciting things are happening in Sarasota County and now the door has been opened for everyone to come inside.

Thrills and Spills at Piggy's Revenge 2014

It was a day of thrills and spills at the 2014 Piggy's Revenge mountain bike endurance race. On January 12th, the Sarasota County Off Road Riders (SCORR) hosted their 3rd annual adventure ride. Riders were able to choose 20,40 or 60 mile routes through the vast reaches of the T. Mabry Carlton Reserve. This year a combination of online registration and enthusiastic promotion drove the largest ever crowd to this little slice of natural heaven in Venice, Florida.
73 participants of all ages gathered at the starting line and broke off in two separate groups. The first group started with a neutral procession lead out by SCORR President Eric Claussen. After an easy mile to get everyone warmed up, the race began.

Piggy's Revenge is unique for many reasons. Being non-sanctioned means that the normal racing ethic is a bit more relaxed. People come to enjoy an adventure, to challenge themselves, to ride with friends, to visit a new park. On this day they enjoyed the full beauty of the …

The Top 5 Mountain Bike Magazines

Before internet videos became the craze, there were only two ways to explore the trails. The first and best way was to get on your bike and ride. Clad in safety pads or spandex shorts astride a steel or aluminum steed you would shred, spin and discover the world with your only confines being the exertion of your muscles and the fierce beauty of nature. The second way to explore was found in mountain bike magazines. It was here that you could learn about bold adventures in far away places or see results from the big races and learn the details about new technology and products. Full color photos told tales of guts, glory and inspiration for anyone desiring a good read of their favorite pastime.
So how does one determine which to read? Mountain bike magazines come in different styles with different attitudes and intentions. Some talk directly to their audience while others demonstrate a flashy display full of shiny frames and smiling celebrity riders. In preparation for this article I …

Are you Ready for a Real Florida Adventure?

In southwest Florida there a dozen and a half ways to enjoy the weather and the scenery while also getting in shape. From running and swimming to triathlons and mud runs, we have almost everything. When I say almost that is because there is one sport that has only just begun to gain traction in our part of the sunshine state. That sport is off road riding, otherwise known as mountain biking.
You might be asking, how can you mountain bike without mountains? Mountain bikes are built not merely for climbing and descending but more specifically for exploring. The knobby tires and plush suspension make it possible to go on journeys far from the pavement. It is only off road where you will experience the true beauty of southwest Florida's nature and see the vast array of amazing animals up close and personal. Off road riding allows you to have a real Florida adventure.

Where can you go for these types of adventures? A trail building group named SCORR (Sarasota County Off Road Riders) h…