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Snow sighted in Sarasota at the Frosty 5K

While a cold weather front blankets the north with snowy skies we Floridians have found a different way to celebrate the season, it involves costumes, fake snow, a beer truck and 700 runners. That's right, the Frosty 5K took place this past weekend in Sarasota and it attracted a monster crowd of endurance junkies who were warmly wrapped in the Christmas spirit.
The event brought in running groups from all over southwest Florida as well as visitors from as far away as Canada. Attendees added flair to the occasion wearing reindeer antlers, sparkly red Christmas shorts or simply dressing as Frosty the snowman. However, Frosty himself showed up wearing his running shoes. He was made of snow but the children know that he ran the Frosty 5K and boy did he run fast. Well, who could blame him? With the morning temperature reaching 80 degrees, Frosty had to finish the race before he melted.

The Frosty 5K is organized by the Active Suncoast Foundation and is one of the most scenic runs in t…

6 Events to Kick Off Your New Year

At the beginning of each year we resolve to start a new. We make promises to ourselves that we will eat healthier, spend more time with friends and family and we will exercise more. It's often that last one that kicks us in the butt. However, if you are going to suffer for better health, you don't need to do it alone.

Listed below are six fun filled activities based here in southwest Florida to kick off your New Year. Peruse the list at your leisure. With walking, running (Fun runs to a half marathon), biking (On and off road) and even longboarding there is something for everyone.

1. Mimosa Fun Run - On Jan 1st in Punta Gorda the Foot Landing Running Shoe Store is holding their Annual Mimosa Fun Run. Think you had enough to drink the night before? Nonsense! Meet up at the Foot Landing at 7:15am and take a nice relaxed jog, walk or stroll around the city. The volunteers at the finish will greet you with a delicious Mimosa and a smile. Registration is FREE but arrive early. For…

Can Running Shoe Stores Succeed in Today's Economy?

This is a question I would have been afraid to ask a year ago. With store fronts being crushed by low prices from mega-corporations it has become hard to imagine how a small business with a sport specific product could make a profit. I recently made a trip to the Foot Landing in Punta Gorda, Florida where after only one year in business, something outstanding has happened.
Before I reveal their story, I should probably explain where my pessimism originated. Eight months ago I was suffering from foot pain and decided to buy some new running shoes. I knew that the Foot Landing was a supporter of Zoomer's Run & Tri Club, of which I'm a member, so I decided to check out their store.

The Foot Landing is forty-five minutes away from my home so I had to make a special trip. The owner Sherri Kemp Lennon was courteous and helpful. She had me stand on a computer pad that shows the weight distribution on each leg and the arch of my feet. This can help a person pick the proper shoes …

The 3rd Annual Achieva Reindeer Trot

While the big events get all the press and attention, I decided it might be nice to check out one of the smaller races that flies under the radar. The 3rd Annual Achieva Reindeer Trot takes place not far from main street in Sarasota. The Reindeer Trot is actually three events in one. They have a 5k race, a 10k race and a holiday dog walk followed by a doggy costume contest.
Why did I pick this race? First of all, it's held at Payne Park. This beautiful little stretch of city property is decked out with meticulously groomed grass, a central jogging track, a playground and a skate park. I filmed part of a Strider Sports video here only a few months ago. Secondly, the race is sponsored by Achieva which is a credit union based in Southwest Florida. In the past I've bought two cars through Credit Unions. They are an excellent alternative to the traditional bank because the members/account holders are also part owners.

In addition to my personal reasons, small races possess a charm…