Fuck the Universe

We always hear stories of success, the young buck who worked hard to make his dreams come true. This is not one of those stories. Alex Hutchinson started writing poems and short stories when he was in middle school where his "Talent" was recognized. Talent is a terrible affliction to cast upon a child. Despite wanting to be a soldier/martial artist/movie star/professional wrestler, Alex reluctantly accepted his talent instead. Ultimately he would produce a dozen books, hundreds of articles and even a few movies. All of them failed. Three decades of hard work proved fruitless. Sick of being a starving artist he retired from writing in 2017. The End.

Alex's Weird Adventures

Martial Arts - 12 years of study
* 2nd degree Black Belt in Wei Tai Jitsu

Boxing - 13 amateur fights
* Street Boxing Champion

Acting - 11 independent films
* Played 20 roles + Writing, directing and choreography

Wrestling - 36 backyard matches
* EBA Intercontinental Champion

Work History - 71 Jobs
* Including U.S. Army, Vidbell's Circus, Chadwicks of Boston, etc

Novelist - 9 Books
* Finalist 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Awards

Mountain Biking - 32 Races
* Overall Winner 2015 Sasquatch 15K MTB Race

BMX Racing - 74 Races
* 2011 SSA Florida State Champion in age group

Sports Writing - 700+ Articles
* Print stories in Dirt Rag Magazine & NEMBA Singletracks

Running - 17 Races
* Winner 2013 Zoomers Race Series in age group

Political Activist - 4 Campaigns
* Author of the political thriller Purple State

Reading - 1,293 Books
* Amazon Vine Voice with 200 Reviews

Cyclocross - 6 Races
* 2nd Place - Infinity Cross Singlespeed class

Travel - 2 Countries, 38 States
* TripAdvisor - 160 Reviews reaching 120,000 readers

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