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Long Island Axe Throwing is Heating Up

  On a visit to Long Island your author Alex and his daring partner Irisrose visited NY Axe. NY Axe is a chain of throwing venues spread across the Island but this location was at 325 Main Street in Huntington. This beautiful town in the north central part of the Island has a very popular nightlife and it showed with a thriving crowd of enthusiastic customers. Almost every lane was full including a bachelor party who was enjoying food and drinks at the bar. Upon entering we were greeted by Danny Simone, one of the owners who was thrilled to meet throwers who were more than "Casual." Wearing my Longhouse Axe shirt and carrying a backpack of Axes he was fascinated to hear about our experiences in throwing competitions and our participation in the World Axe Throwing League. We were more than happy to indulge and gave as much information as he wanted. NY Axe has weekly recreational leagues but they are definitely interested in joining the larger world of competitive throwing.  We
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LongHouse Axe Dominates Amateur Tournament

  Despite the cloudy gloom of New England weather it was a bright and shiny day for throwers from LongHouse Axe as they took on all competitors at the ThroWell Amateur Tournament in Lowell, MA. This WATL Tier 2 tournament was one of the few that allowed for a fully Amateur Hatchet competition. This rare designation brought in athletes from as far away as North Carolina to see if they had what it takes to call themselves Champion. The LongHouse Four - Alex Hutchinson, Catherine Dowie, Jeff Coulton and Dan Middendorf together accumulated a total of 15 wins. Catherine, Jeff and Dan all took wins in A bracket before being knocked down to B but again they climbed back through the fray to take prominent positions. Catherine's run was the most impressive of the day being the only person to battle through 8 matches with 6 wins and scoring over 900 points. Her 2 losses were against fellow LongHouse throwers Jeff & Alex, both were epic matches. On the next day of competition Jeff would g

The League of Evil Axes - First Duals Match


Becoming an Axepert, Not an Activist

For 25 years I was an adventure writer who constantly dipped his heels in controversy. From one sport to the next I succeeded in making modest positive changes through activist outreach but failed in making the upper levels of any sport. After my father died in 2017, I no longer felt the need to prove myself and retired as a writer. The chip was off my shoulder or so I thought. When I entered the sport of Axe Throwing I thought that this is my chance to make that upper level. I'm working diligently to get there. However, old habits die hard. That resilient spark of non-conformity drove me back into controversy with my article about "League Loopholes." While the discussion that followed did teach me a great deal about the rules of sport, it also made me realize that I had gone off course, again. I DO NOT want to be an activist. Been there, done that. I want to be an Elite Axe Thrower. From now on that is where I will be focusing my energy. I might still write articles goin

Does the WATL League System have a Loophole?

In the year 2000 Acclaim Entertainment published a video game called HBO Boxing. As a boxing fan I loved this game and played it all the time. At least until I found a flaw, a loophole. If you had your character squat down and throw nothing but long body shots, no one could hit you back. Better yet, the body shots could not be blocked. Staying in that position you could easily beat the entire game. It was the ultimate Super Punch! After learning that secret it was almost impossible not to use it. It guaranteed victory. Most systems work great until someone finds a loophole. Once that loophole is discovered it becomes the secret to winning. Eventually everyone finds out about the loophole and it becomes common practice. It is at this point that the system falls apart. I believe that the WATL League system has a loophole that is being exploited and it might hurt the sport. The World Axe Throwing League has four seasons, each with their own league - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each L

Ideas for the Evolution of Axe Throwing

  Axe throwing is still a relatively new sport but appears to be evolving at a rapid pace. What started as hatchets outside a bar room now includes hundreds of venues that cater to duals, knives and big axes. There are many directions that the sport can expand into including age groups, skill levels, state championships or perhaps team competitions. In this article I hope to explore some of those possibilities. Age Groups -  There are several participation sports that break their competitors down into age groups for the sake of fairness. In many cases you don't want to pit a 50 year old athlete against a 25 year old, this could be very one sided in sports like Crossfit or god forbid MMA. Having said that, Axe Throwing is a different animal. It is less athletic and more psychological relying on accuracy, precision and tactics. After all, I'm a 51 year old man who has no problem beating people half my age. In some ways age can be a benefit to throwers in that it requires the pati

The Bullmag A365 Throwing Axe Review

  I like to write articles that I wish existed when I first tried a new sport. Most of the time writers focus only on what the top athletes are doing and don't spend enough time on how to get started. A few weeks ago I wrote an article on completing my first season of Axe throwing. The next step is to review a new Axe that is making its way onto the scene - The Bullmag A365. My name is Alex Hutchinson, I'm an amateur hatchet thrower and longtime adventure writer. My home base is Longhouse Axe in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I compete in the World Axe Throwing League. At the time of this review I have already participated in a Hatchet League, a Marathon and a Tier 3 Tournament. The point is, I've gotten in a good 10,000 throws and can feel the difference between various Axes. The Axes I have worked with include The Killshot, The Ace of Spades, The Butcher, The Corporal and The Commander. I started off by using the WATL Killshot on an outdoor target then I proceeded to the Ace of