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Rusty Gold from your Favorite Writer

Get some rusty gold from your favorite fiction writer. Many of you know of Alex's more recent books about the sport of mountain biking but the Hutchinson library started back in 2004. It consists of several titles that cover a variety of subjects all of which were driven by his real life adventures.

Take a peek at the list below to find a flavor that suites your palette. Enjoy!

Twisted Trails: Award winning stories about the joy of cycling. This is his most successful title due to the love shared by mountain bikers around the world. Better yet, it costs only .99 cents on Kindle.

Twisted Trails: Least of the Beast: The future of mountain biking is a crazy place full of tiny engines and paths that cross the country. Read about it for the discount rate of .99 cents on Kindle.

Purple State: Do you love political conspiracies? Two real life elections in Florida were the inspiration for this tale of murder, cover-ups and election fraud. Again for only .99 cents on Kindle.

Virgin Gloves: Wa…