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Least of the Beast comes to Kindle Unlimited

The second book in the Twisted Trails mountain bike series takes its place on the largest and fastest growing e-book program in the world. For only $9.99 a month readers can download from over 1 million titles. The variety and quality of the books continues to rise with each passing year. The original Twisted Trails found great success here among its many readers. Now Least of the Beast has been added to this magnificent catalog. Sign up now!
Get your download of Twisted Trails: Least of the Beast

MTB Stories for .99 cents - Offer is almost over!

If you enjoyed the award winning mountain bike book Twisted Trails, now you can get the sequel for only 99 cents on Kindle. In Least of the Beast, the story picks up twenty years after the original with glimpses of the future of mountain biking. You will meet new characters, see new technology and revisit the perils of this exciting sport.
This is a limited time offer!
On Nov 19th, 2016 the Beast returns to its standard price so get your download now.
Twisted Trails: Least of the Beast (Kindle Offer)

Twisted Trails gets Love from the UK

Cycling is big in the United Kingdom. While the vast majority of riders roll along the roads, the UK has still has a diverse collection of dirt trails and MTB heroes worthy of the name. It is not easy for an author to jump across the pond so in the meantime I am very happy to hear from fans who are enjoying the Twisted Trails books. We may be thousands of miles apart but everyone who shreds in the dirt shares the same heart. Thank you!
"A great read. Lot's of interesting stories all with cycling at their heart. Worth a go!" Keith B - 5 Stars
"Nice read if you like bikes and biking you're going to love this book" N. Barstow - 5 Stars

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