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Battle at the Boneyard

You might be asking, "Why does Alex need yet another blog?" The truth is that I started the Bog Dogs Race Report to record the Mountain Bike racing experiences of my brother and myself. It has since become a successful commercial enterprise that serve the needs of Florida's BMX Racing community. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy about its success but the change left me without a personal blog.

I'm quite aware that there isn't much of an audience for the racing ramblings of an amateur 30+ BMXer. However, I'm still a writer. I have that constant itch to express, describe and explain. While my victories and defeats are minor in the minds of others, they are meaningful to me and perhaps a few other older wanna be athletes.

This brings us to the Boneyard. High Springs BMX was my first race back after one month of saving money for my upcoming wedding. After having missed the Okeeheelee Qualifiers I knew my position as #1 rider in the 36-40 Intermediate cl…