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To Fixie or not to Fixie?

On today's episode of the Bog Dogs Secret Stash I shall endeavor to answer the eternal question that all bike riders must face - to fixie or not to fixie? Let's begin.
About a year ago my local bike shop, Real Bikes Englewood, announced that they were selling a brand called Pure Fix. This company makes a series of singlespeed bikes with a flip/flop hub that allows anyone to turn the rear wheel around to enjoy the unique experience of riding a fixie. On that day I pedaled one around just to try it out and later wrote a short article about their announcement and my first impressions. You can read the original story here.
The shop had success selling the bikes for the obvious reasons: they were inexpensive, solidly built and proved to be good for training. The owner, Gary, continued to remind me that I still hadn't really tried one. A mere spin around the parking lot is hardly a proper test. To see what a bike can do you have take it somewhere that you have never been before…