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CST Patrol MTB Tire Review

I've always been a sucker for cheap tires. In part because I'm a starving artist but also because riders tend to pay too much when it comes to upgrading their bikes. For example: How often have you seen a recreational rider purchase top of the line tires because they save him a few grams in weight? In most cases, if you really want to cut a few grams put down the cheeseburger.
When it comes to mountain bike tires my measurement of quality sits at the apex between cost and consistency. For this reason I'm a huge fan of Schwalbe's Rapid Rob tires (Read that review here). While I'm still running a Rapid Rob on the front of my bike, I decided to try something new on the rear. Something even cheaper. Introducing the CST Patrol.

For about $26. the 26" by 2.25" version of the CST Patrol is uber cheap. You get a wire bead, a weight of 780 grams with a single rubber compound but no EPS (Exceptional Puncture Safety) which can be found on other versions of the tire…

How do you Measure Progress?

They say hindsight is 20/20 but when does it kick in? When do you stop assuming that you have progressed as a rider and start knowing? I'm of the old school (Or poor school) that doesn't use fancy electronic tools to mark the output of my body. Instead I use three indicators to determine my progress. They are: 1. Personal Records (PR), 2. Repetitions per Exertion (RPE), and Oh My God, Did I just do that? (OMG). None of them are very scientific. In the short term all of them are subjective and can be prone to slights. In the long term, to get a clearer picture of where you are coming from, they can work very well.
On Feb 7th, 2015 the boys from SCORR gathered together to take on the Croom 35/50 Off Road Challenge. This is an annual endurance ride held at Withlacoochee State Forest in Brooksville, Florida. It is hosted by the SWAMP club who holds the event to raise money for their trail building efforts. It is a self guided ride of either 35 or 50 miles depending on your prefer…