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Introduction to Balm-Boyette Nature Preserve

I love exploring. It might be the one part of Mountain Biking that I crave more than competition. It provides the opportunity to discover new parks, see beautiful landscapes and feel the exhilaration of well crafted trails. Mountain Biking brings us away from the everyday world of work and responsibilities, placing us briefly in the hands of nature and fate.
I pulled up to the entrance of the Balm-Boyette Nature Preserve only to see a huge crowd on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I immediately recognized a rider. His name is Walt. He rides an extra large Redline 29er MTB with only nine gears. Walt is a regular at the Tuesday Night ride at the Carlton Reserve, he even has a young daughter named Cadence who rides as well. I was happy he recognized me and when his friends learned that this was my first time at Balm-Boyette, they asked me to join them. This was going to be fun.

The 2013 St Patty's Day 8K Results & Photos

Festive would be the best word to describe the 2013 St Patty's day race held at Sharkys on the Pier in Venice, Florida. Runners dressed up in their best green costumes to tackle an 8K race course in what turned out to be a chilly 48 degrees.
The cold might have been an obstacle but it didn't scare anyone away. 300 runners arrived on time, got their numbers and timing chips and then stayed warm in their cars until the last fifteen minutes before start time. Then this colorful, shivering crowd amassed on Harbor Drive South to await the horn.

Tempo & Timmy's Time Trial is Back!

It's Back! The Tempo & Timmy's Time Trial is starting back up on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013. This is a 10 mile time trial held on Honore Ave in South Sarasota, Florida.
The IT begins at the corner of Honore and  Palmer Ranch Parkway, parking is available in the Gecko's Grill & Pub parking lot on the corner of Clark Rd and Honore Ave. Riders will begin meeting at 5:30pm with the race starting at 6pm.
Stay in touch with updates at: Tempo Cyclery on Facebook