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Twisted Trails Sells 600 Copies!

The New Year has begun with two round numbers that make me smile. The first is that the Twisted Trails Series has sold 600 copies. These two books, made up of short stories about mountain biking have taken on a life of their own. Despite a lack of commercial backing, people who love the sport keep finding these books on Amazon and enjoying them.
The second number is 1,200. This is the total number of books sold since I starting my writing career in 2003. Virgin Gloves, a boxing novel, was my first story. For more than a decade it was my best selling title. It was only recently that Twisted Trails passed it in sales and reviews.
To be honest I don't know what the future holds for this series or for my writing. I'm currently concentrating on my day job and new responsibilities. Should a unique song find rhythm in my heart you can be certain I will give it a chance to sing.