When you Love Something, You want it to Flourish

We all have our gifts, our ways of contributing to the world. When we are at our best we use our gifts to achieve goals, to love others and to contribute. These passions define us both to ourselves and to others. These passions make up a large part of who we are and who we want to be.

The reason I'm getting all Anthony Robbins is because while we all want to be our best selves, we also have a few flaws that hold us back. There are things we are not that good at, things that slow down the journey. It is in these moments where we feel our greatest frustrations. It is in these moments when we need to ask for help. That is what I'm doing here in this blog. I'm asking for your help.

For those who know me, I'm a writer first and foremost. That is my talent and storytelling is my gift but I also have a really big flaw. I suck at selling my own art. For whatever reason once I have put in the time and effort to create a truly great work, I can't seem to compel an audience to purchase it. My talent and work ethic allow me to create great things but what good is a product if no one uses it? What good is a book if no one reads it?

I have spent the last thirteen years writing fictional stories on many subjects. Some of them are short, some are full length novels. Admittedly I had a lot to learn when I started but over time and with practice my writing grew stronger, becoming more refined. I'm at the point now where I can say with confidence that Twisted Trails: Least of the Beast is the greatest book I have ever completed.

As I have stated in the past Mountain Biking is the sport I have grown to love. This book is my contribution to the future of that world. I greatly appreciate the hundreds of people who read the first Twisted Trails but I can promise you that this is a glorious step forward. However, you are the person who can make that dream come true. This book is worth your attention and your attention is what completes my purpose.

What I'm asking you today is to forget sales pitches, forget familiarity, forget about what you normally like to read. I'm asking that you open your mind for a mere 134 pages. After it is over I promise you will be glad that you took this easy leap of faith.

Thank you, Alex Hutchinson


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