August Smiles on the Tempo Time Trial

The folks from Tempo Cyclery dodged the rain yet again to put on another fun Time Trial down the beautiful  second stretch of Honore Rd in Sarasota, Florida. 61 riders gave their all in this monthly 10 mile fun race that tests an athletes top end speed plus their ability to accept pain and afterwards consume beer.

The usual mix of unusual rides livened up the field with everything from the high tech Time Trial bikes, a score of road bikes, my own Mountain Bike and even a classic Tandem.

The attendees themselves were an even more eclectic mix of personalities ranging from elite cyclists and triathletes to recreational riders and even a few BMXers. Both genders and all ages were represented as the watch clocked everyone's best efforts.

The atmosphere remained light and jovial as ever. The guys from Tempo Cyclery stepped up their precautions by having riders sign a waiver at the start of festivities, better safe than sorry. Each person was assigned a number and riders went off the line at 30 second intervals.

Top Ten on the Day

1. John S 22:58
2. John A 23:13
3. Alex S 23:44
4. Shandor K 24:11
5. Pat R 24:18
6. Garry B 24:30
7. Brett H 24:48
8. Drew R 25:11
9. Connie M 25:41
10. Paul H 25:48

To see the Full Results click here.

To see our Photo Gallery click here.

My second experience on the TT was a great one. Shedding my noob fumblings made me more prepared for the challenge. This time my frozen water bottle was squirt ready, my gloves fit properly and my warm-up was worthy of the task ahead.

I got off to a strong start but was passed by fellow BMXers Eli Weiss and Caleb Minthorn at about the 4 mile mark. That was fine with me, now I had someone to target. Keeping my eyes locked on Caleb's black t-shirt I kept my average speed just over 18mph. My legs were on fire as I crossed the line but by then I had to do everything I could to keep from throwing up.

My training had paid off in spades - I was 5 full minutes faster than last time. The 10 miles whizzed by in a mere 33:40 slotting me in 52nd place. Big thanks again to the organizers. The confidence boost from these contests goes a long way towards future aspirations.

Be sure to visit their shop in Sarasota or come to the next TT in Sept.


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