Tempo Cyclery Time Trial

What better way to break in my new Mountain Bike than to jump right into a fun race. Sarasota bike shop Tempo Cyclery holds a monthly Time Trial for their customers. The TT is free (Except for a few beers for the timer) and the atmosphere is friendly to all types of riders. Good thing too because I was the only person who showed up on a full blown Mountain Bike.

After digging out my old gear I realized that I was lacking the appropriate details. My only MTB jersey is long sleeve (A tad hot in 90 degree weather) and all of my gloves are full finger so I decided to go without. My bike doesn't have a water bottle cage so I stuffed one in my back pocket only to later realize that it was a twist off cap. Can you tell that I've been off the bike for 20 months?

We all met in the parking lot near Geckos restaurant on Clark road and then rode our bikes to the starting point at the corner of Honore and Palmer Ranch parkway. Here the sidewalk corner slowly filled up with cyclists eventually reaching 79 in total. Each person got a name tag complete with a number to put on their helmet and then riders left the start in 30 second increments.

 While my preparation was short sighted, I was happy to discover that my fitness was not. Granted I made the same mistakes that I always make but this time I was aware them. I sprinted off the line, shifted into my second highest gear and lowered my elbows onto the handlebars. Within the first mile I caught and passed my one minute leader but around the second mile I hit the wall and had to slow down.

Every few minutes a real time trialist would whip past me on a 15 pound bike, some of them did so with encouraging words. I spent the first 5 miles reaching optimum heartrate and catching my wind. Once I the hit the turn around at Route 681 the techniques started to make sense. I would click up a gear and drop down onto my bars to pound out some speed until I nearly reached my red line. Then I'd sit up, lower my gear and spin out the pain. Once this became a rhythm I started picking up speed.

By the time I saw the finish ahead I was thriving on adrenaline and seriously hauling butt. I got compliments of from several people who were surprised to see that I completed the race on such a large bike. "You got twice the workout on that thing."

However I wasn't the only non-traditional cyclist in the race. Pro BMXer Eli Weiss showed up for some cross training and hammered out a good time, "I'm pumped to go again!" He said with a big smile on his face. Eli averaged 21mph and topped out at 28mph.

Afterwards a large group of riders went to Geckos for a few drinks and some good food but I headed home to watch 'So You Think You Can Dance' with my lovely wife. The race was a blast, such a good way to test your cardio and prepare for future endeavors. I managed to complete the 10 mile race in 38:09. I will definitely be attending the next one in August except I might have to bring my wife and our camera.


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