How can you write MTB Stories in Florida?

It is probably the most common question I get from non-cyclists. We really can't blame them. This is not the place you would normally think of when it comes to mountain biking. Florida has become the punchline state. We are mentioned most often when some meth monkey robs a liquor store in a Darth Vader costume or uses an Alligator as a weapon. But isn't that the perfect atmosphere for collecting weird vibes and channeling them into great stories?

The tradition continues with Twisted Trails: Least of the Beast. Just like with the first Twisted Trails book we start in one of Florida's many mountain bike trail systems to give you a glimpse of just how odd and sometimes precarious our state can be. Like the time a Florida man's wife was kidnapped by holograms or the time a Florida Man attempted to steal a chainsaw by stuffing it down his pants. Weird shit happens here!

We do have mountain bike trails plus thousands of cyclists live and ride here. We are a special place full of special people. So, if you have never heard of the SCORR trail diggers, an animal reserve known as the Carlton or a giant Alligator named Big Al then I suggest you click the link below. It is time to catch up on our very special brand of crazy.

I promise we won't disappoint. 


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