A Beastly Review and a Special Offer!

Years ago when I started self-publishing the opportunities were limited and expensive. The stigma of the vanity author loomed large in the industry. It's safe to say that while not everything has changed the tide has certainly shifted in our favor. It is on this tide that I hope to expose my new book to an enormous audience as well as the very industry that once scorned us.

Twisted Trails: Least of the Beast has been submitted to Kirkus Indie Reviews. Kirkus has been operating for over eight years. They review ten thousand books a year. Their influence spans the publishing industry and holds great weight with ardent readers. Lucky authors have seen their name recognition boosted overnight by a great Kirkus review. Some have gone on to sell hundreds of thousands of books.

Our review will be announced on or before Oct 31st.

On that date we will find out what the best in the industry thinks about cycling as a basis for a series of science fiction novellas. This is a big step but I have complete confidence in this book and its entertainment value. Having said that, cross your fingers just in case.

In the meantime you don't need to wait for anyone to get an advanced copy. As a special offer you can purchase a paperback copy of the new Twisted Trails book right now!


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