Body Transformation Update: 70 Days

Challenges come in all shapes and intensities. It has been 70 days since I started to build the body I always wanted and the gains are becoming visible. You can see from the picture above I am the biggest I have ever been in my life. Here are the results so far.

Bodyweight increase +7 = 189.2pds

Arms increase +.50 = 15.25"

Chest increase + 1.00 = 42"

Thighs increase +.50 = 23.50"

Calves +.50 = 14.50"

The rest of my physical measurements stayed roughly the same.

I had started by focusing on volume training using Arnold's Blueprint Program on's BodySpace community. While this gave me some huge numbers, the long workouts took too much energy to complete and affected my consistency. I was having trouble getting in 4 workouts a week and I was coming up short on body parts.

After shopping around a little I found James Grage's Rewired program. These workouts are shorter but more intense with lots of supersets. They target a single bodypart per day which keeps the rest fresh and ready to rock. The biggest challenge now is getting in enough cardio to keep my bodyfat down. I'm thinking of adding a mini Crossfit WOD at the end of each workout. One step at a time.

Proper nutrition is still a challenge, I spend a lot more time in the kitchen and a little more money on food. It is worth the effort. As for supplements I got hooked up at my local GNC. The manager knows that I don't have much money so she always points me towards the latest discounted items. Thanks to her attentiveness I have tried some top notch products for rock bottom prices.

As I mentioned previously BodySpace is a community network for weightlifters so if you want to join in feel free to friend me. Members encourage each other and share information. My wife Terri has signed up and is working on a 12 week beginners program. Come join us!


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