Body Transformation Update: 50 Days

That's right I'm still pounding away at the weights. It has been 50 days since I started to build the body I always wanted and the gains have come slow but steady. As you can see from the picture above I am the biggest I have ever been in my life and it feels great. For those who don't know, I have an eating disorder and spent most my years far below an ideal bodyweight. Despite being physically active, this nutritional deficiency caused all kinds of pain and problems.

Fast forward to Dec 6th, 2015 I decided to build the body I always dreamed about. Now I'm roughly 50 days in and here are the results so far.

Bodyweight increase +5 = 187.2pds

Arms increase +.25 = 15"

Thighs increase +.50 = 23.50"

Calves +.50 = 14.50"

The rest of my physical measurements stayed the same.

Now let's get to the personal records. I did not attempt to go after any individual records but rather focused on volume training using Arnold's Blueprint Program on's BodySpace community. When I first started my typical total pounds lifted in a workout was around 5,000. In the past two weeks using Arnold's system with proper nutrition and supplementation I have climbed the ladder.

January 12th = 7,316pds

January 15th = 13,272pds

January 21st = 15,042pds 

BodySpace sends members a weekly e-mail that recaps their training from the previous week. This way you learn your strengths and weaknesses. Here are a couple motivational quotes from that first e-mail.

"You put in another solid shoulder effort, doing six exercises for a total of 50 sets. They were only a small piece of your weekly regimen, making up 36% of your workouts. Your top shoulder lift this week was front dumbbell raise."

"Through the week, you lifted a total of 300 lbs. with your calves. Sweet!"

"You may not be in the mood for a melody, but you've got to feel all right. In the past week, your total weight lifted per workout is near in mass to that of a grand piano."

BodySpace is a community network for weightlifters so if you want to join in feel free to friend me. Members encourage each other and share information. In fact, my wife Terri has signed up and completed her first 7 day beginners program. Did I mention that it's free?


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