Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Before Pictures/Stats

I always forget to do the before/after pictures but not this time. These were taken on Dec 6th, 2015. As I said in the previous post, my goals are both physical and performance based but here I will list some of the stats that are most relevant. I hope to share encouragement with others who are going through the same process. I'm excited by the prospect of great change.

Height 5'9"  Weight 182pds

Chest: 41in
Arms: 14.75in
Legs: 23in

Overhead Max: 130pds
Deadlift Max: 160pds
Snatch Max: 60pds

Pull-ups (Non-stop): 15reps
Push-ups (Non-stop): 40reps

Current 5K race: 32min

Crossfit Cindy (20min): 8 rds + 5 reps
Crossfit Fran (21-15-9): Unable to complete

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