Edinburgh Cyclocross Challenge - Photos

The third weekend of FLCX took place at Highlander park in Dunedin, Florida and it was another hot one, at least for the first day. Saturday's races took place under a scorching sun which was ironic considering that Highlander is also a water park. Right next to the course was a full size pool and children's sprayground. If only there had been moisture on the course. A well timed rain would have made for a completely different experience. As it were, Edinburgh was mostly flat grass with a dust cloud sand pit, some shaded singletrack and a couple cement bike paths. These made for a fast race. Ryan Woodall held the Saturday record of 5:25 a lap which he took as part of his Pro win.

This was my return to racing after a disastrous start at Veterans park. There I overheated and had an asthma attack, here was I was determined to avoid those traps. It was not an easy task. Electing to take on the crowded category 4/5 race was a great idea. I found them to be a varied assortment of riding styles and skills. Despite entering the chase with a singlespeed I was able to cruise well in the corners but lost time on the straights. My asthma still caught me but not until the second lap and it wasn't a bad attack so I was able to keep huffing forward. I finished the race and had a great time doing so.

I need to thank some people for their support: Race Promoter Zach Fout for some nutritional advice, The Champ Ryan Woodall for cheering me on, Uber Heckler Michael Toth for lifting my spirits in the later laps, Patrick O'Shea for suggesting that I race Cat 4/5 and I want to thank the man I was chasing, John Tenney. I never did catch him, lol.

My lovely wife Terri was there to take some pics so be sure to check them out at the link below.
Feel free to tag yourself and others.

Thanks again to my sponsors: Bicycles International, 661 and Luksha Reconstruction.


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