5 Youtube Channels that Cyclists Must Follow

If you are the kind of athlete who likes to stay ahead of the learning curve then you probably already have a complete series of channels that you follow on Youtube. These short videos have become an excellent location to get news, stories, DIY tutorials or lectures on virtually every subject under the sun. Specifically, cyclists have a wide array of choices for motivation and information.

Over the last few years I have scoured Youtube for the best of the best in news/tips, exercise updates and product information. The following are the Top 5 sites that I found most useful and most entertaining.

1. GCN - The Global Cycling Network has quickly became the top dog on all things bike related. Funded by Google this internet sensation is the closest thing you will find to a full out television network. Hosted by former Pro racers Matt Stephens, Daniel Lloyd and others its weekly news show covers road racing from around the world with occasional mentions of MTB and even BMX. It also uses that stage for announcing all of its other offerings. From bike maintenance to Pro interviews, How To videos to spin classes, they have a little bit of everything for the cycling enthusiast.

While GCN has a wide and varied selection of offerings, that is not why it is so successful. This show thrives on its quick paced segments and upbeat attitude. The hosts are witty, comical and willing to put themselves in harms way to create a good program. GCN does a solid job driving the news but their point of contact is a well trained funny bone.

Global Cycling Network

2. Specialized - The only channel more diverse than GCN is run by Specialized. The difference is that Specialized doesn't report the headlines, they make them. The Specialized logo can be found in every discipline of cycling. They have created athlete heroes in triathlon, road racing, cross country and downhill. You name the discipline, they have a hand in it. This mega-company creates great products and then celebrates its athletes with high quality videos.

While Specialized has a lot of obvious reasons to pimp their own products, the one area where they make huge strides is the promotion of female athletes. There are few companies that do so much to showcase women in sports. For this fact alone they should be applauded. If you want a good example check out the above video about the internationally successful Specialized-Lululemon team.

Specialized Channel

3. UCI Channel - Missed your favorite race this past weekend? No problem, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) channel has highlights and often full length video replays of Road, DH, XC, Trials, BMX, Cyclocross and Track races. Subscribe to their channel and you will also get to see commercials for upcoming events, rider interviews and past award ceremonies.

This might seem like an obvious choice but not all cycling organizations have their sh** together. USA Cycling also has a channel and they do interviews but fall short on production values, race coverage, etc. UCI is the big money player on the world scene of cycling but it looks like they are putting some of that money to good use.

UCI Channel

4. Barbell Shrugged - This might seem like a strange pick for a cycling crowd but it's one of those cases where you'll want to dig a little deeper. Almost every cyclist I have ever met uses some type of strength training to better their health and performance. Barbell Shrugged is hosted by Mike Bledsoe, Chris Moore and Doug Larson, they are all athletes and certified trainers with advanced degrees. This series is way ahead of the curve when it comes to strength training, nutrition and physiology.

While the show started as a podcast about Crossfit, it has expanded its focus to include anything related to the world of fitness. They have interviewed top experts in bio-mechanics, neuro-science, powerlifting, gymnastics and running. It is only a matter of time before they catch up to a strength coach who specializes in cycling. In the mean time they have 120+ videos full of inspirational stories energetically discussed by passionate devotees. Click above to watch their on-site interview with Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena.

Barbell Shrugged

5. Red Bull - The magical caffeine company that gives you wings has also been the provider of some of the biggest stunts and cycling events in history. On YouTube, Red Bull is probably best known for it's amazing supersonic freefall from space but they are also the geniuses who fund the Red Bull Rampage cliff race from Utah and the Red Bull Joyride slopestyle event from Whistler.

Red Bull prefers to aim its marketing power at those most likely to purchase their popular drinks but this focus produces movie quality outcomes. If you doubt their dedication to enthralling people towards bike riding, keep in mind that the niche discipline of mountain bike trials riding was only known to a few thousand people before Red Bull handed Danny MacAskill the keys to his own imagination. The above video has been viewed 25 million times.

Red Bull Channel

* Bog Dogs Secret Stash - An honorable mention for my own channel. The Bog Dogs are made up of myself, my wife Terri and in the beginning my brother Kevin. We started making videos back in March of 2010 to display bits of our mountain bike rides and races in New England. In 2011 we got involved in Florida BMX Racing and produced more than 100 highlight videos which later included a web series known as Unleashed TV. We have been hired to create videos for kid's races which included the Strider World Championships. We recently filmed our first Cyclocross video and hope to create many more.

In 2013 we made a trip to the rocky mountains to cover the Colorado Freeride Festival. Click above to see our highlight video of the FMB slopestyle event.

Bog Dogs Secret Stash


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