The 'Build Your Own Bike' Pub Ride

The boys from SCORR are at it again! Their famous pub rides are becoming well known not only for great places to eat and drink but also for the creativity of the themes. This might be one to top them all - The BYOB pub ride is coming! It means "Build Your Own Bike" and it is a competition! It's time to get your wrenches working, start cruising garage sales and scan Craigslist. The Sarasota County Off Road Riders are having their first Dedicated Pub Ride Bicycle Build off.

There is a $100. Grand Prize for the Best Overall Bike!

The Rules
1. Build a bike that you would be proud to ride at the next pub ride. The crazier, the better.

2. Think accessories, paint scheme, cup holders, music, light show, rust etc.

3. Don't spend more than $100.

Prizes will be awarded for Ugliest, Biggest POS, Cheapest Rebuild, Rustiest, Girliest and of course there is the $100. Grand Prize for the Best Overall Bike.

The BYOB Pub Ride happens Saturday March 29th, 2014. Riders will meet at the Venice Gazebo at 7pm. All cyclists must have helmet and lights. Cost for the event is $10. with proceeds going to help SCORR build off road bike trails in South Sarasota County. There will be a guided ride around the island to some local watering holes and of course the final judgement.

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