The Flavors of Hammer Nutrition

Cyclists have a tendency to obsesses over everything that goes into their bodies. While I don't count calories, I do try some of the groundbreaking products just for the fun of it. Keep in mind I'm not a chemist or a nutritionist but I am an athlete and I know what I like.

Endurolytes Fizz: The lovely lady at Real Bikes in Venice said that Fizz is the latest craze among riders. I tried three sample flavors - Grape, Peach and Mango. They are shaped and work just like Alka-Seltzer. You drop a tablet into your water and the Fizz brings your drink to life. This stuff tastes great in all flavors. It has a sharp bite that brings your palate to life on those long, hot rides. I highly recommend trying Fizz as a tasty, fun way way to add some electrolytes to your water bottle. Check it out.

Heed Sports Drink: When I landed on the podium in my second mountain bike race, one of my prizes was a full size container of Heed. When you read the label it is a riders dream come true - Steady energy, buffers lactic acid, Gluten Free, Vegan friendly, no MSG, Kosher Certified and won all kinds of awards. I cannot dispute its benefits in any way, except one.

Heed tastes terrible. There is no easy way for me to say it. Heed does not mix well in water or anything else and it just tastes bad. I have tried Mandarin-Orange and Lemon-Lime but it didn't matter. My face would scrunch up like I just ate a whole package of sour patch kids. I can only imagine that there are plenty of other products that deliver that same benefits and yet managed to put together a better taste. Check it out.

Recoverite: Need a quick, easy, fat free way of restoring your Carbs, Protein and Amino Acids? I tried Citrus Recoverite after a 26 mile ride in 90 degree heat. I was burnt and exhausted, I was probably pretty close to having heat exhaustion. I took a cold shower, drank a bottle of water and then mixed Recoverite with ice water for another drink.

Recoverite tastes foamy, that's only way I can describe it. It went down easy and felt satisfying in my stomach. Basically you gets a whole lot of benefits with no drawbacks. Granted I ate food that night and slept a full 8 hours but the result the next day was that I felt fine. The next day I wasn't worn out, sore or starving when I probably should have been. I know it's not very scientific but I do want to try this stuff again. Check it out.


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