Bog Dogs BMX Bike for Sale or Trade

Over the years you have no doubt heard people talk about Proper bike fit. If you have ever wondered what can happened when you spend too much time on the wrong size bike, I get to be an unfortunate example.

Let me first start by saying, "I Love my Bike!" For the last 8 months I have been racing a CycleCraft ProXL given to me by the great people of CycleCraft USA. The wheels and components came over from my old bike with the exception of new Supercross forks, new cables and and new pedals. It is beautiful in dark grey with blue accents but it does not correctly fit me.

I have been suffering from back pain for a solid year. I didn't know exactly what was causing it until now. I recently took one month off the 20 inch and rode only my Mountain Bike. I did Foundation training to strengthen my lower back and relieve the pain. My back has never felt better.

On Sunday I went to Charlotte BMX and tried my 20" to see what had changed. After only two laps my back was throbbing. I felt cramped and more out of balance than before. Perhaps I should be on a longer bike, maybe an XXL but it's too late, the damage to my confidence is irreparable. I suffered so many crashes in the last year that I just don't want to take the same chances.

I will continue to race BMX just on a larger bike. I really enjoyed my Rookie months but my timing was terrible. The ABA merger changed the rules which made it so that I was by far the least experienced Intermediate in any of my races. Most of the riders I'm up against are "Former" Experts. In addition most of the tracks are using Transfer system and now I can only make the main at locals. It's just not fun anymore.

Since I don't have the money to buy a new bike my only option is to put my bike up for trade or sale. What I'm looking for is either a 26" Mountain Bike (Single speed) capable of racing or a large 24" Cruiser. I will return to the Cruiser class on a bike that suits my size and comfort.

If you are interested in my bike get in touch with me on Facebook
or send me an E-mail with your offer or trade.

My bike is now listed on Craigslist


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