The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans can go to waste if you're lacking in luck. At the SSA High Springs Qualifier #7 I probably could have used a four leaf clover. What I needed to accomplish was to earn better than 4th in four motos to lift my score in the Florida Cup series, what happened was completely unexpected.

My nerves might have got the best of me on the gate as I mistimed it terribly. After spending the entire moto trying to find a way to pass, I found an opening in the rhythm section and went for it. This video will show you what happened.

After the crash I was pretty beat up but I had come in forth so I wasn't out of it yet. I manned up and forced my way through three more motos managing to use the rhythm section to pass at least one rider each time. I took forth place across the board despite my injuries which was a victory in itself. However, I didn't earn a single point towards my goal.

The clock resets here. Now it's a matter of healing up, training myself on the Sarasota track and taking aim at Qualifiers #9 and #10. If I want to win this division or at least better my chances, I'll have to make a stand at America's oldest continuously running track. This is not over yet.


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